Wisdom Globe Trading
Wisdom International Ltd. is a multinational company that specializes in trading, technology and sustainable housing.

As a global company that believes in being deeply embedded in the local business and political cultures everywhere we operate. We have offices in Tel-Aviv, Sao-Paulo, Bogota, Tegucigalpa, New York, London and Hong-Kong.

Our main business fields are: Green buildings & Energy, Food & Agritechnology, Medical devices, Security, Consumer Products and Software & IT.

Our strength lies on our knowledge, professional team and network of contacts. Our team has vast experience in the international trading sector and provides a “local” advantage in each market we operate in. 

"Wisdom International - Bridging your innovation to the world!"

David Malowany
Wisdom Israel
David Malowany Wisdom International
  • 18 years in International Trading, Logistics and Purchasing.
  • Significant experience as an Executive in industries such as: Microelectronics, Communication, Commodities, Trading etc.
  • B.Sc. in Business Administration, Accounting and Business Management.
Dan Malowany
Wisdom Israel
Dan Malowany Wisdom
  • 12 years in Defense and Homeland Security Research & Development.
  • Significant experience in industries such as: electro-optics, computer vision, sensors, communication, data fusion, etc.
  • Significant involvement in: planning & executing of strategic R&D plans, project management, product management, feasibility tests, writing technical specs, defining SOW, managing RFP processes, etc.
  • MSc. in Electrical Engineering and Doctoral candidate.
Jorge Augustowski
Wisdom Brazil
Jorge Augustowski Wisdom International
  • 30 years in Management Consulting and Business Development in Planning, Strategy, New Business, Finance, Organization, IT, and Training in Manufacture, Commerce and Financial Institutions.
  • Chemical Engineer and Business Administrator.
  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English.
  • Executive Director of ANEFAC – National Association of Finance, Administration and Accounting Executives in the Economic Sector.
  • Former Professor in the Business Administration College at ESPM University.
Michael Hidary
Wisdom USA
Michael Hidary Wisdom International
  • Energy & sustainability expert with extensive experience managing programs for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Specialties include solar, battery storage, LED, EV, demand response, sustainable construction, modular building.
  • Serves on several politically active boards.
  • Managed retail programs for big box retail clients predominantly in the US, Canada, Mexico and Germany.
Sergio Anidjar
Wisdom UK
Sergio Anidjar Wisdom International
  • Over 6 year experience in Sales & Marketing, Advertising, International Product Trading
  • Significant experience in industries such as: Tourist & Travel, South American Trading, Media & Communications.
  • Significant involvement in: planning & executing of strategic media planning, project management, product management, sales management.
  • BA Business Administration, Msc International Marketing.
Juan Carlos
Wisdom Colombia
Juan Carlos Wisdom International
  • Expert in finance, investigation, development and project management oriented to de low income markets and low value transactions based on BoP protocols. With a long experience working in consulting for financial and trading institutions internationally.
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (C) .
  • Doctor of Strategic Business Management (Ph.D) (C)
  • Master in Management of Information Technologies and Communications.
  • Professor in Service Management.