Wisdom Food Trading
Wisdom International food division specializes in international food trade for products from Latin America, Asia and Spain.

With a large number of producers working with us and the capability to source food products at competitive prices, Wisdom has become a key business partner for supermarkets and food importers across the globe.

Our food division is divided into two areas of operation:

  • Food for Supermarkets (Full Lines).
  • Food Commodities & Food Manufacturing Ingredients.

"As our network includes the entire food market supply chain, we sell and distribute state of the art Agritech solutions to our partners."

Wisdom Agrotech Machines

Israel is one of the pioneers and leaders of the industry of agrotech, which is characterized by intensive research and development.

Wisdom's strength lies in its cooperation in existing markets, as well as the ability to penetrate to new markets. Our operation includes: Fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation, machinery, veterinary products and food additives, animal and more.

Wisdom Food Trading Solutions

This is one of the oldest export markets in Latin America. The sector is very organized and competitive providing an excellent price/performance ratio.

As a multinational group, Wisdom specializes in top-level Latin American and Asian Supply Chain Solutions, Trading of Commodities & Consumer Goods, as well as Trade Representation.