Wisdom Green Building and Energy Solutions
Wisdom Green Homes, was established by leading architects, engineers and other professionals in US and Israel.

The company has vast experience in designing and developong new buildings, retrofitting old buildings and integrating state of the art monitoring systems, lighting solutions and solar energy systems.

At Wisdom we understand that while the advantages of living in sustainable buildings are obvious, the main challenge is to make it affordable to the growing middle class.

"Therefore, we assembled a team of experts that created a revolutionary design and process that will change the world of green building as we know it."


WISDOM Green Homes

awarded First Prize at the

"2014 Living Green in Israel"
architecture competation.

Wisdom Energy Solutions

Wisdom is a cutting-edge green energy company that specializes in energy efficient technology and development. That includes Wind Turbines, Solar panels, Geothermal and lighting upgrades.

Wisdom has vast experience with state of the art technology in US and Israel and in marketing to both B2B and B2C clients. 

Wisdom Green Building Solutions

As a leading company in the field of green building and passive house, Wisdom won first place in the 2014 "Living Green in Israel" competition, managed by KKL-JNF and the Israeli Green Building Council.

In all of its projects, Wisdom integrates innovative architecture, landscaping, design and sustainable thinking, while maintaining moderate prices for the highest quality.